Consume : One

This is not a great picture, but there are two of these trees right outside my front door. I’ll crack jokes about them to my husband: “look at these freaking’ show offs” and complain about the bees the flowers bring, but man, it’s such a nice sight first thing in the morning.

Reading: Half a Life by V.S. Naipaul – I’ve just started this short book. I bought it on a whim a few months ago and it has been sitting on my shelf waiting for me to make the time for it. I am largely uneducated on India and its’ cultures, but the few books I have read which feature Indian protagonists challenge me to see past my own cultural perspective concerning “expressing oneself”. In this book–and others–emotion is expressed (or rather, decidedly not expressed) subtly; all is held at arms length. Given my own emotional excess, falling into such stoic viewpoint feels like putting on an ill-fitting shirt. But, that is why we read, right?

Watching: Better Call Saul. Oh goodness. I read a review somewhere that said: “Good news guys! It’s a Fraiser!” A truer review could not be written.

Eating: Salads, womp womp. I’m trying this whole “eat a salad everyday” thing for health and for vanity. The secret: it’s gotta be crunchy and the salad dressing better be as acidic as I can tolerate. This is my go-to: French Vinaigrette (sometimes I leave out the anchovy if I’m in a hurry).

Baked Chickpeas With Pita Chips & Yogurt
Roasted Strawberry & Dumpling Cake
Orange Margarita Cocktail


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