Consume: IV

(owl cat)

My husbands birthday is coming up in the next few days and I could only be more stoked if it was my own birthday. Birthdays are hands-down my favorite holidays. I love giving gifts; there is something about the quest for a perfect gift that just sets me afire. Birthdays also mean awesome meals at fancy restaurants. I like the opportunity to have a whole day devoted to being aware and thankful for the presence of someone you love, to acknowledge the simple blessing of their existence. Not to get all hippy/spiritual/ohm on you. So tonight we are going to put on our classy people clothes, go out to restaurant that we would normally tell ourselves is impractical, and celebrate that he gets to live and breathe next to me; making up song lyrics in the morning as we get ready for work, annoying our pets with the intensity of our love for them, and binge watching Veep together. Perfect holiday.

Have a great weekend!


The latest issue of Bon Appetit. There is a project detailing everything you need to know to make soup dumplings. Y’all. I’m gonna make it happen.


I think for dinner tonight we are going to try and eat at Guard & Grace. My boss once brought me back a dessert from here. It was the restaurants take on a ding dong and it was honestly one of the best desserts I’ve had in recent memory.


This video that was on Reddit today. Holy moly I want to pet that cat so bad. The word “cat” feels too cutesy here.


Rosemary Lemonaide Julep (via Crepes of Wrath)

Slow Roasted Salmon with Cucumber Yogurt & Preserved Lemons (via Amateur Gourmet)

Whole Roasted Cauliflower in Chedder Beer Sauce (via Joy The Baker)


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